Why is the best quality paint worth every penny?

Why is the best quality paint worth every penny?

Best quality paint is a wise investment, unlike cheaper paints, which are temporary and make your
pocket cry. Thus, high-quality paints deserve that green flag and should always be the first choice of

3 Reasons to Invest in Good Quality Home Paints

Whether clothes or paints, quality matters. So, let’s look into the benefits of having your money invested
in choosing quality paint.

Quality Ingredients

High-quality paints consist of quality ingredients, binders, additives, solvents, pigments and colorants that
make the product very appealing to all. The composition of such paints is perfect for keeping your walls
happy for years.

Protected and great-looking walls

One of the reasons to invest in premium paint is the looks it gives to your walls. High-quality wall paints,
when dried on the surface, appear thicker and give a vibrant look. Apart from that, the painting task can
be done faster as few coats can give complete surface coverage.

Longer paint life

The first focus of the painting is to give that new look to the house and retain it for a longer time. When
you invest in the best quality paint, your walls will be protected from cracking, blistering, fading and

2 factors that determine the quality of paints

As per various sources, the percentage of Titanium Dioxide and Volume of Solids play a role in
determining if the paint is wot\rthy to be referred to as high-quality. Let’s learn in detail.

Titanium Dioxide

A good amount of titanium dioxide, i.e., 20-25% in paints, offers to cover surfaces in fewer coats.

Volume of Solids

A higher-quality paint contains more binders and pigments (solids) and less liquid. A low-quality paint will
contain 20-30% solids by volume and 70-80% water, whereas a high-quality paint will have 35-50% solids
by volume and 70-80% water.

Finding the High-Quality Paint in Nepal!

Starting fresh or adding some elements of happiness in life is a small gesture that we cherish. Adding a
fresh coat of paints also falls on this list. The right paint brand with high-quality components and color
brings back your house lost shine. The only thing you should keep in your mind is that “the cheaper the
paint, faster the peel-off” and focus on” higher the paint quality, longer the life of your house.”

Why Choose KNP Nerolac?

So-called good paints in Nepal usually end up peeling off and giving that dull musty look within a few
years of application. But not with KNP NEROLAC- THE BEST PAINTS IN NEPAL. KNP Nerolac’s paints
are high-quality paint, low on VOC, and lead-free. Not just the perfect components, but KNP Nerolac also
offers you amazing color pallets and decors, making it a perfect paint for your walls. To make it precise,
KNP Nerolac doesn’t compromise the health and looks of your house.

KNP Nerolac offers a wide range of exterior and interior paints along with distemper, primer, enamel,
distemper, and wall putty. Adding to the paint list, KNP Nerolac brings Washable paint- Beauty Gold
Washable, a perfect paint for homes with creative kids. In fact, the quality of the product is such premium
it is labeled as the “Best Washable Paints in Nepal.”

So, if you are looking for the best paints, especially the best washable paints in Nepal and the best
Antibacterial Paints in Nepal, then KNP Nerolac is your one-stop solution.