Why is Anti Bacterial Paint Best For Nepal?

Why is Anti Bacterial Paint Best For Nepal?

After the isolation and lockdown scenario of COVID-19, people have gotten the idea that staying
inside the home is something beneficial to us. But what if the air inside the home is harmful?
What if those walls become full of viruses and bacteria. Well, to prevent such things in your
home, you need high-quality and low-Voc antibacterial paints.

Antibacterial Paints- The meaning

Antibacterial Paint, also known as antimicrobial paint, is a paint that contains active ingredients,
meaning it kills microbes. Antibacterial paint not just beautifies the walls of your home but
protects from harmful bacteria and purifies them. Antibacterial paints are very effective against
various harmful bacteria and give you extra protection against the bacteria, and enhance your
health. Such kind of paint helps surfaces look appealing. And most importantly, antibacterial
Paints are cost-effective.

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Why Anti bacterial Paints is necessary for Nepal?

In traditional houses of Nepal, the concept of antibacterial paints is fulfilled by the application of
cow-dung, red mud and kamero. These three components are naturally antibacterial and
antifungal. These traditional houses may be weak in terms of foundation and strength, but they
don’t have to worry much about bacteria. However, these components don’t give 100% safety.
Thus, people are found building concrete homes to live and traditional houses to store goods or
keep animals too. Talking about urban areas, you can see a jungle of concrete homes and
barely some green space.

Now, in both rural and urban areas of Nepal, where concrete homes have grown exponentially,
they need antibacterial paints. But why do these houses need antibacterial paint? We have got it
covered in the following points.

Dusty and Humid environment

City areas are famous for their unclean environment. The pollution has also resulted in the
massive growth of a dusty and humid environment. Such fluctuation contributes to bacterial
growth on walls. So, applying antibacterial paints can surely help in such growth.

Reasonable price, great results

Investing in antibacterial paints, cost-effective and highly-productive paints, is unquestionably a
Nepalese thing, as we Nepalese are always looking for items that are both affordable and yield
greater results.

Minimum maintenance- Save money

Antibacterial paints have a long life due to their excellent composition. This thoroughly means
lesser maintenance. We all know that less maintenance equals less money. So, to save money,
one can definitely opt for antibacterial paints in Nepal.

Why choose KNP NEROLAC Paint?

So, while numerous paint color brands have come up to become the best antibacterial paints
in Nepal but none could surpass KNP Nerolac. KNP Nerolac antibacterial paints feature
excellent quality, which shield your home against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Adding to this,
KNP Nerolac Antibacterial paint boasts on latest Japanese paint- technology that ensures
durability and greater bacterial growth resistance.

KNP Nerolac’s all paint products are antibacterial, which focuses on the safety and resistance to
the growth of algae. Our antibacterial paints are so strong that they are resistant to the COVID
virus too. KNP Nerolac not only aspires to be the Best Antibacterial Paint in Nepal but also
keeps walls healthy and bacteria-free.

So, choose KNP Nerolac- The Healthy Home Paints of Nepal, have improved indoor air quality
and create a hygienic home environment for your whole family.