What makes KNP Paints- The Best Paint Brand in Nepal?

What makes KNP Paints- The Best Paint Brand in Nepal?

With Globalization, the lifestyle of Nepalese living in Nepal has changed these days. Other than basic needs, houses have become an asset to flaunt. Along with accessories, good quality home paints are the main focus for house decoration. People also seek consultation from interior designers to find a suitable color palette for their dream project. As a result, as a homeowner, you must invest in a paint brand that increases the worth of your hard-earned cash. Moreover, you must find the best paint company in Nepal and get your house painted.

One popular paint brand in Nepal is KNP Paints. KNP Japan Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Kansai Nerolac Paint Ltd, India and Kansai Paint, Japan. KNP Japan Pvt. Limited came into existence in Nepal with a clear objective to augment Nepal paint industry with world class technology transformation from across the globe to leverage global technology for serving our customer with superior coating systems built on innovative and superior products. Moreover, KNP paints are lead-free, making air inside your house safer and more pleasant.

Special Qualities of KNP Paints- Best Paint Brand in Nepal

To be a strong candidate for becoming the best paint company in Nepal, the brand must have special qualities. To put out why KNP Paints stands out from other paint brands in Nepal, here are 5 reasons explained.

Produced with Japanese Paint Technology

KNP paints are made with Japan’s cutting-edge technology. As a result, KNP Paints are high-performing, flawless, and meet high standards. KNP paints are also inspired by Japanese Shiqui technology, which has antiviral and antimicrobial qualities that repel 99.9% of bacteria.

VOC-Free Paints in Nepal

Other paint can produce ten times the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC), potentially dangerous substances that can pollute the air within a home. Lead and mercury are two common VOCs. These elements can cause headaches, infertility issues, stomach difficulties, kidney problems, joint problems, and more. KNP paints are VOC-FREE and environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are safe for both people and the environment.

Power-packed With Superior Coating System

Superior Coating Systems are long-lasting and environmentally sustainable, saving you money. KNP acrylic paints come with an excellent coating system that is suitable to paint plaster, metal, and wood surfaces. KNP paints are safe home paint that may be used both indoors and out. Due to its excellent print quality, KNP is still among the Top 3 Best Paint Brands in Nepal.

Various Paint Options

Interior and exterior wall paints, as well as high-end decorative paints, are all available in KNP Paints. Interior Paint products’ names include Impression 24 Caret, Beauty Gold Premium Finish, and Little Master. Similarly, KNP NoDamp, Excel Mica Marble, Excel Total All in One, Excel Anti-Peel Formula, and Suraksha Plus are the five exterior paint products of KNP.

Amazing Color Palette and Decors

KNP paints are not only free of dangerous chemicals, but they also come in the world’s most popular colors.KNP also deals with stunning decor, which is a step toward creating great art. Not only that, but KNP also has a wide range of stunning wall decors designed by professionals. With the perfect combination of colors and decors, KNP paints will make your home more stunning.


To provide the ultimate new look and elegance to their house people prefer to use high-quality interior or exterior paints. Painting homes with low VOC paint decreases odors along with promoting a healthy lifestyle. Further, KNP Paints also come in various colors and shades for customers to choose from. KNP also has an impressive collection of expertly crafted wall decor. Because of all these fantastic paint qualities, KNP can be referred to as The Best Paint Brand in Nepal.