Washable Paints – Explained!!

Washable Paints – Explained!!

Every parent knows that children are drawn to all things dirty, such as mud, rain puddles, and paint! Thus, children choose to finger paint, stain, and sketch on the walls. Such stains remain on the walls for an extended period, giving them an unattractive appearance. So, the best alternative to avoid this situation in the first place is by using washable paints.

Choosing suitable high-quality washable paints is a critical decision to make as having these washable paints will help in cutting down on unnecessary painting efforts. These washable paints also take less time to prepare the surface.

What are Washable Paints?

Washable paints allow to wipe off stubborn stains. These washable paints make it easier to clean the surface, allowing you to maintain your walls and ceilings in good shape without having to repaint them. Washable paints keep your areas looking appealing for longer, as well as saving you money. These paints do not adhere to surfaces permanently. Washable paints are stain-resistant, eco-friendly, emit a fresh fragrance, and keep your house odor-free. These safe-to-touch washable paints allow children to enjoy a good painting experience rather than creating long-lasting archival artworks.

Composition of Washable Paints

Washable paint contains one or more pigments, particular extender pigments, alkali-soluble thickeners, and non-volatile neutralizers. Their quantity in the paint should be able to come into touch with a cotton-based material, get solubilized in a water solution, and be rinsed away without leaving a stain.

Talking further, water, styrene-acrylic binder, potassium carbonate, antifoam agent, wetting agent, preservative agent, calgon, pigment paint paste or pigment paint powder, calcite, and talc are all ingredients in water-based and acrylic washable interior wall paints. In addition, water-based washable interior wall paint contains white spirit, texanol, monoethyl glycol for antifreeze, polyurethane, and hydroxyethylcellulose for thickening.

Where to apply washable paints at home?

You may use washable paint in any room of your home, but it’s best to use it in high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, as well as on staircases where hands are constantly touching. You may even put it in your child’s room if he or she enjoys scribbling his or her thoughts or just doodling around.

What is special about KNP Nerolac beauty gold Washable Paints?

KNP Beauty Gold Washable Paint is washable after a minimum of 2 weeks of drying by sponging with mild soap and water to remove common stains and grime. Beauty Gold washable paints give your wall a luxurious and smooth finish with excellent flow, brushability, and washability. Not only do they allow easy washability and stain cleanability, but they also protect walls from microbes and viruses. Our Beauty Gold is also one of the low VOC paints in Nepal, offering good health and atmosphere in your home. However, you must keep these washable paints in well-ventilated areas, away from sources of combustion and fire, and they should not be used if the temperature dips below 10′ within 4 hours after application.

Why Choose KNP Nerolac?

The Nepali paint market is enormous, and you can find paints brands galore. Among various Nepali paint brands, KNP Nerolac  is one leading name. Utilizing state-of-art Japanese Paint Technology and ensuring premium quality, KNP Nerolac aspires to offer low-VOC paints in Nepal. Recognized as the “Healthy Home Paints,” KNP Nerolac is making its way to becoming the best Washable Paints in Nepal. In fact, washable paints are much in demand when we talk about Interior paints in Nepal. So, it’s time to utilize the power of Japanese technology, premium quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness while allowing stains to occur but not to stay forever with KNP Beauty Gold Washable Paints.

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