Vastu Color Tips for 6 Important Rooms in Your Home

Vastu Color Tips for 6 Important Rooms in Your Home

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and building that aids in making settings more scientific and beneficial. It also discusses attracting either positive or negative energy.

The process of attracting positive energy or keeping negative energy at bay undoubtedly includes Vastu Shastras color tips. Furthermore, Vastu shastra suggests using inviting and elegant whites with a touch of green with potted plants or hanging planters for exciting exteriors.

We have come up with this blog to help you choose the best colors for your 6 crucial rooms in your home-sweet-home.

The Cooking Spot- Kitchen

The kitchen is where moms’ and grannies’ delicacies are created, adding flavors to life. To get the most out of Vastu, place your kitchen in the southeast corner of your home. The “Fire” that cooks the food represents red, the best color for a kitchen. You can also go with orange. If red or orange isn’t your happy color, try a smidgeon of it on wall details or kitchen furnishings while painting the rest of the space white, green, yellow, pink, or light chocolate. Dark colors, such as black and grey, should not be used in the kitchen.

Let’s Dine with Fine in Dining Room

The dining hall is where families gather to share delicacies from the kitchen. According to Vastu, the dining room should be located in the west, north, or east directions. Maintain a dining room that is as spacious, welcoming, and comfortable as possible. Vastu colors for your dining room include subtle green, pink, orange, yellow, cream, or off-white. You can experiment with artwork, dining furniture, and utensils to liven up the space.

Relaxing well at Living Room

When it’s your time to chillax watching movies or playing your PS5, or just chit-chatting with your guests, the living is the perfect spot. And to impress your guests, you must make your living room attractive. According to Vastu, welcoming and soothing white, beige, and tan are the best color options for the living room. To add effort and softness, you can combine whites and beiges with blue, red, pink, purple, along with some fantastic seat settings, paintings, or even vases.

Giving Comfort in Guest Room

With our “Athiti Devo Bhawa” sanskaar of ours, we ensure to provide the best food, seating, and sleep setting for guests. Your guest room, ideally to be in the northwest direction, should have a welcoming and relaxing environment. The Vastu colors suggest using lighter yellow, orange, lavender, blue, or green shades and pair them with whites to create a delightful and welcoming ambiance.

Relaxing and Romantic Bedroom

For the sound sleep or for the couple time, your bedroom, ideally to be in a south-west direction, wall colors according to Vastu should be painted with blue, brown, pink, and lighter shades of grey. These colors can bring tranquillity, relaxation and bring romantic shades of love and happiness. And the most important thing is to be sure of a minimalistic approach in furnishings for positive vibes

The Beautifying Spot- Bathroom

The toilet should be built one to two feet above ground level. According to Vastu, painting the bathroom zone with any light shade of Silver, White, Metallic, Green, Brown, Off-white, or neutral color makes sense and reaps benefits.

Bonus Tips

Here is a list of Vastu colors to consider for other areas of your home:

  • Light yellow, white, cream, light green, and light blue for the Puja Room.
  • Green, blue, lavender, beige, and light purple for the study room.
  • Orange, pink, blue, green, and lavender in the children’s room.
  • White, cream, and yellow for the garage.

Following these Vastu tips can bring you benefits to your life. And the best brand to opt for high-quality interior or exterior paints of almost all shades, KNP Paints, is your one-shop stop. The low VOC paints with minimal odors, essential for promoting a healthy lifestyle. KNP, with all these amazing features, is also named The Best Paint Brand in Nepal. So take the smart decision, incorporate Vastu tips and sensible paint ideas to make your rooms beautiful.

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