Top 5 Tips To Pick Exterior Colors For Your Home

Top 5 Tips To Pick Exterior Colors For Your Home

The best way to groom and cheer up the exterior look of your house is with fresh paints. Although the end results are colorful, the process involved is hectic. And if you want to take matters into your hands, then it can be another challenge, so the best thing you can do is look out for painting tips that are cost-effective, long-lasting and appealing. 

So, here we discuss 5 easy tips that will help you to pick the perfect shade for your exterior walls.

5 Tips to Choose Best Shade for the Exterior Paint

Take note of the Structure of the home

The structure of a home or the architectural style of your home is crucial to consider while choosing the exterior paint. So before coloring the house, you should check for what shade would accentuate the look of your structure. Another thing you can do is look for highlighting the architectural details of your home. You can play with both dark and light colors. For instance, if the surface of your home is dark color, you can go for lighter shades for window and door frames.

Test color for home before choosing for your home

Before deciding on color shades for your home, first see whether your chosen color is affected by sunlight. For that, you can paint the selected samples directly onto several spots of your home and see how they appear in the various strengths of sunlight during the day. This is one easy way to see the results instantly.

Consider the materials of your home

The exterior portion of your home equally deserves the best designs and colors as much as the interior part does. Your exterior area may include a garden, fountain, well, swings, or just normal spaces and thus, you should analyze the small elements like bricks, tiles, stones and roofing materials. You can choose the trim color (colors on your roof, accents, siding, and frames, windows and doors) to coordinate with the natural shades and textures of the home with stone or brick cover.

Follow the sunlight

The brightness of the sun gives that “special” enhancement to the paints; thus, as a homeowner, you should consider the parts of the home that get maximum sunlight at different times of the day. You must consider the sunlights and color combinations for exterior paints to avoid wrong experiments with color shades. In fact, if the front of the home is directly faced towards sunlight in the second half of the day, consider subtle colors to avoid flashy effects, whereas a home with soft shades of color will add beautiful effects for your home.

Play with color shades

The house includes smaller details like entrance areas, foreparts, and shutters. Here, you can be more adventurous while playing with different shades of colors. You can go for neutral colors for the body of the home and opt for bold shades to highlight the front door. Also, you can consider flower pots, gates, home address cover, and mailboxes to be utilized for adding the pop of bright colors.

That’s all about the Tips; what about the brand?

Why should you be brand conscious when choosing the paint color? Because apart from the color, the essential thing to consider while choosing paint should be quality, the longevity of paint and health factor. Since painting is not an easy and economical process, one should take advice from paint experts to invest in good-quality, healthy and cost-effective paint brands like KNP Nerolac.

Why choose KNP Nerolac while looking for Exterior Paints in Nepal?

While you might see a variety of paint brands in Nepali market, you will certainly have to consider investing in the best paints. Among leading Paints in Nepal, KNP Nerolac is known for its characteristic healthy home paint formula made with the latest Japanese paint technology. KNP Nerolac offers luxury painting products that are low on VOC and lead-free. The brand also boasts of being the best antibacterial paints in Nepal and, at the same time, the best washable paints in Nepal.

So, you can rely on KNP Nerolac when it comes to purchasing the best interior and exterior paints in Nepal, as it offers you a range of products that are not only protective but also work to adorn your walls for a longer time. With KNP Nerolac’s trendy color palettes, you can opt for one single shade or the color combinations to lighten up the ambiance, freshen up the air and stay healthy. 

Invest your trust in KNP Nerolac -The Best Paints in Nepal and you will be rewarded with anti-peeling, smoother, attractive, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and long-lasting paints.

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