Tips and Tricks to Keep your Home Cool in Summer

Tips and Tricks to Keep your Home Cool in Summer

Some people love summer, while some just feel agonized by its extreme heat. Your home also
falls on the list of agonized ones. The idea of cooling a house in hot climates is nothing new and
what really matters is air circulation. Now, there are various factors that contribute to air

In this blog, we will discuss five smart tips to keep your home cool and summer paradise.

Invest in Blackout Curtains

People have their own way of choosing curtains. Talking about the minimizing heat effects of
summer, one must invest in blackout curtains. These curtains are brilliant because it blocks
sunlight and improves your sleep quality. While leaving the house, ensure to shut down the
windows and get these on them so that these curtains make a cool atmosphere inside.

Bring in Greenery

In-door plants are not just for Feng Shui or decorative your room; they also keep the house
cooler. Moreover, these plants act as natural air conditioners and keep your home cooler in
summer. But one thing you need to be concerned about is knowing the quality of plants because
some indoor plants maybe not serve the purpose of “purifying indoor air.”

Energy-Efficient Lights

Yes, even your lights can affect your home’s temperature, so switching to energy-saving lamps
can help you cool your home. If you are using regular bulbs, it’s time to switch to Fluorescent
bulbs which keep rooms cool. Also, never forget to turn off your lights when not in use.

Swap your Sheets With Cotton

Sheets made of leather, satin or silk attract heat and hence leave you with the hot and sweaty
feel in summer. So, in summer, you should change your sheets to cotton and feel that coolness.
These cotton sheets benefit you as they are naturally breathable, helping to regulate your
home’s temperature.

Get Smart with Wall Paints

The paint you apply in your home keeps your home cool in summer. How? Well, the light
shades negligibly add heat to your home as they don’t absorb heat like the dark colors. Thus,
applying a light shade of paint keeps your home space cool in summer.

The Perfect Shade for summer

There are numerous colors and combinations to choose from. You can check for the color
combination to soothe your eyes and house atmosphere. Here we have some color
combinations to use for:

● Combine the color of nature(green) with the color of sunshine(yellow) to bring a soothing
effect to your eyes, mind and home.
● Bring the ocean vibe with coral blue and pale white.
● Use the combination of Purple and Cream to signify passion, romance, and power and
bring serenity.
● A combination of Cadet Grey and Cottony White gives your home a classic and cool

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