How Do You Design A Living Room With Both Traditional And Modern Touches?

How Do You Design A Living Room With Both Traditional And Modern Touches?

In Nepal, we have up to three generations living under one roof since most of us have a joint family arrangement. As a result of the generational gap, you can find both traditional and modern environments. When there’s a good balance of traditional and modern aesthetics, both grandparents and grandchildren can be happy- Also the middle ones. When creating the ideal blend of classic and modern approaches, you must not sacrifice appealing aesthetics. Above all, the interiors- especially the living room of your home must have a wonderful aesthetic, which must be functional and comfy.

Here are some suggestions for mixing and matching modern and traditional designs in your living room.

Allow One Style To Take The Lead.

Choose a single dramatic design for your walls and furnishings, and keep the rest of your décor simple with movables and accessories. Do not use both, making it utterly dramatic and OTT. Be conscious and smart to choose the mood of your home and what works best for you to give your living room an appropriate look.

Modern Walls Deserves Traditional Furniture

On modern walls, soft hues are chosen. You can go with a range of soft white tints or the original white color. As accents, you might utilize traditional things, artwork, or even antiques. You might go for a contemporary design on the walls while keeping your furniture and fixtures traditional.

Get Along With Traditional Colors

Brown, green, saffron, and red are among the traditional colors used in our living room. Deeper and darker colors are also available. To create a deep, dark, modern, and classic vibe, pair your paint colors with traditional furniture and draperies.

Textured Walls and Classic Decor

Traditional and contemporary designs both feature textured walls. Either one enormous wall or the structure’s side pillars can be used. If you want to add a little more drama, go for textured walls while keeping your furniture modern and in a neutral color palette.

Have Traditional Silhouettes With A Modern Twist.

When going for a classic-first approach as your dominant style, retain your base furniture with traditional silhouettes with a modern touch. Because a piece of furniture’s style is determined by its shape and finish, a modern finish is an excellent way to attain this balance.


Your hearts will always have traditional culture, even as you introduce change and move towards a more modern style. Thus, you may add a classic touch or modern finishes to your home to make it appealing yet practical. If you have any queries about the paints for your lovely home, both interior, and exterior, contact KNP. We deal with healthy home paints in Nepal, which are VOC & Lead-free paints. Also, we provide consultation for paints colors ranging from normal ones to 24 Caret paints