Best Colors For Important Spaces in Your Home

Best Colors For Important Spaces in Your Home

A home is incomplete with happy people living inside and rooms with colored walls. Still, many
people are not sure about selecting the right wall paint for their indoor spaces. The best choice
to make will be to reflect your personality and likings through your favorite wall paints. However,
things may not go well with this, too, so you must be aware of the best colors that will give life to
your walls and a smile on your face.
With this blog, you will be familiar with the best wall paints that are best suited for special
spaces in your homes.

Amazing colors for 5 Important Spaces of your Home?

Wall paint color for entryways

Your home’s first space is an entryway, so it’s essential to have good impressions among guests
as soon as they enter your home. You can use paint color tones that will keep your entryway
simple yet modern along with welcoming. Whether you have a large or small space, adding a
clean white shade on the wall is always the witty choice. To delight your guests, you can opt for
soft blue shades and make them look more appealing and welcoming. In addition, you can also
color the wall for the entryway with color shades with cool grays.

Wall paint color for living room

The largest area of your house belongs to the living room, your families and guests are engaged
together to spend quality time. To attract every visitor’s eyes and at the same time keep the
living room classy, warm, and luxurious, you can opt for dark shades. Colors like purple, dark
shades of blue, navy blues, and indigos are modern color options that help to give your room a
royal touch to your living room spaces. You can also go for a soft eye-soothing color palette for
your wall colorings like lilacs, mint green, lavender, and sky blue.

Wall paint color for kitchen and dining area

Since the kitchen and dining area hold “sharing the goodness of the good food and good
mood concept, this area deserves a paint color that gives the warming feel. The wall colors for
the dining area should be elegant yet dramatic. Yellow and orange are bright, happy colors that
signify affection while making you feel hungry. Psychologically speaking, these colors trigger
hunger and hence, people will eat food and have a good time as well. You can also opt for a
dusty shade of oranges to make your dining room beautiful with a rich natural light aesthetically
pleasing and spread a positive vibe.

Wall paint color for bedrooms

A bedroom is a quiet space where you want to feel coziness. So, adding pretty colors that will
bring relaxed, calm, and happy feels to your bedroom. By painting bedroom walls with light blue will help you enhance comforting and relaxing space. If you wanna feel like a king/queen or a
royal member and enjoy the luxurious vibes, just throw in some light shades of purple on the
bedroom walls. A touch of subtle yellow to the walls will make your room cheerful and pleasing
to your bedroom. If you want to go for bold bedrooms, add a dash of hot red or hot pink or any
bold dark colors. 

Wall paint color for special reading corners

A reading corner is something every house should have so that you can sow the knowledge for
life. For a bookworm, having a reading corner that is charming, cozy, and comfortable is like a
dream. This special area deserves colors that can accentuate concentrating spirit. Thus, you
can color them with soft color palettes so that the readers can turn every page of the book with
a positive mood. Dark color options like crimson can be appealing for a study room, whereas
bright color shades like orange and green can highlight the space making your reading space
look more inviting and energetic. Painting the houses with beautiful shades of color palettes will
show off the beauty of the house and the spaces wonderfully. Thus, investing in high-quality and
healthy paints is a must.

Which is the best paints in Nepal?

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