KNP Japan Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Kansai Nerolac Paint Ltd, India and Kansai Paint, Japan. It’s among the largest paint manufacturer in the world renowned for the technology and innovation for the coating system. KNP Japan Pvt. Limited came into an existence in Nepal with clear objective to augment Nepal paint industry with world class technology transformation from across the globe to leverage global technology for serving our customer with superior coating system built on innovative and superior products.
Our product range and services cater varied requirements for all coating all surfaces including plaster, metal and wood. Therefore, Being a part of Kansai Paint Company Japan we have the access to the latest technology which enabled us to be one of the first paint company in Nepal to be able to address the health and environment hazards caused by paints and come up with ECO- FRIENDLY HEALTHY HOME RANGE OF INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR EMULSIONS AT NO EXTRA COST.

Our Products

01 Exterior

Pick from our wide range of exterior paints & give your walls that luxurious finish


02 Interior

Premium range of interior paint colors. Discover the perfect match for your home right here.


03 Enamel

High Gloss, Smooth Finish, Excellent Stain Resistance, Excellent Durability, Excellent Hardness, Superior Brushability


04 Primers

Very good opacity & whiteness, No chalking, Doesn't require water curing.


05 Distemper

Ease of application, Premium acrylic distemper, Eye smoothing matt finish, Brighter cleaner shades, Good wash ability, Good antifungal properties


06 Wall Putty

Superior smoothness, Excellent repellency, Does not require water curing, No flaking, Reduction in cracking, Can be used on old and new walls/ceilings, Excellent bonding to base plaster/concrete, No needed of primer application



Pick from the most beautiful decor from around the world and take a step towards creating art

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Find the one that works for you from the most popular colours of the world

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The Trends

Find every KNP shade and know how to best use them

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The Experts

Choose from our an array of awe-inspiring wall decor that our experts have personally curated

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Why KNP?

KNP पेन्ट्स नै किन ?
Lead भनेको हानिकारक सिसा हो जुन बजारमा पाइने धेरै जसो पेन्ट्समा पाईन्छ। Lead कलरिङ्ग एजेन्ट, यसको चमक, टिकाउपन छिट्टो सुक्ने भएका कारणले यो पेन्ट्सहरुमा मिसाइन्छ तर यसले मानिसहरुमा नराम्रो असर गर्ने भएकाले यो हानिकारक छ।

Lead को नकारात्मक असरहरु "टाउको दुख्ने", "प्रजनन् मा समस्या", "अशान्त पेट झम्झमाउने", “किड्नीमा समस्या”, "गोलीगाँठोमा समस्या”, “कब्ज”

Lead को अरु नकारात्मक असरहरु : “वजन घट्नु”, “थकान”, “धातु जस्तो स्वाद”, “स्मरण शक्तिमा समस्या”, “भोक नलाग्नु”

Our Promise

" KNP पेन्ट्स LEAD FREE भएकोले यसले स्वास्थलाई हानि पुर्याउदैन। यो पेन्टको सबै उत्पादनहरुमा वातावरण मैत्री र LEAD FREE लोगो अंकित गरिएको छ।"

VOC भनेको के हो ?
KNP पेन्ट्सका उत्पादनहरु VOC रहित छन्, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) केमिकल हो जसले मानवीय स्वास्थलाई अति हानि पुर्याउछ।

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