5 Top Tips to Remove Stains From Your Walls

5 Top Tips to Remove Stains From Your Walls

Grimy, greasy, scribbled walls drive away the friendly ambiance of your house, so what to do? The only thing that can save these walls is “Clean and Cleanse.” But we know these stubborn stains don’t go easily; special tricks are needed. So, we have come up with some wall cleaning strategies to keep your walls germ-free, stain-free, and with top-notch beauty.

5 Types of Common Wall Stains

A stain on walls can be caused by anything. It can be your children, oil splatters, mold and mildew, or anything. Most of the time, they are hard to remove and hence leave behind that annoying marks. And you end up hiding those stains with anything possible.
Here are the major types of stains on walls.

Oil Stains

The majority of wall stains are oil-based. When we fry food, lean our oily hands on the walls, place our oiled heads against them, or do other oily things, the walls pick up oil.

Pen marks

When a child holds a pencil, he starts his education journey, most probably first scribbling a wall. The first scribble is definitely a treasured moment, but afterward, it becomes a pain. The pain is exacerbated by permanent markers and crayons. Parents might find removing these scribbles the most annoying work.

Black Marks

When the room has damp air inside, a black mark emerges on the walls. Not only do stain walls, but these patches can be a potential health risk. Thus, as soon as you spot a black mark on your wall, you should be ready to get rid of it.

Water Marks

The walls of bathrooms and kitchens frequently have water stains and steam markings. These water stains are fairly simple to remove. To avoid having these stains at the first point, fix the leakage.

Paint Marks

Paint stains are tougher to remove than pen and pencil stains. These paint stains combine with the wall’s surface and are absorbed by it. It could show up the uneven and disorganized portions of new paint on the walls.

5 Top Tips to Remove Stains From Your Walls

Make frequent cleaning sessions.

When you get into our cleaning mode, start cleaning fresh stains as soon as you see them. Getting rid of time in the first place will save your time, energy, and money. At the same time, it makes you alert about the condition of the walls. Further, you may feel the need to renovate the room after witnessing its withering condition.

DIY Solution

If you want to get yourself involved in removing the stains, then there are DIY Solutions that include some ingredients used at home. For general stain removal purposes, warm water, baking soda, lime juice, and vinegar are used. Be extra cautious to avoid any kind of accidents.

Chemical solution

If you want to get strong chemicals to do the best stain removal, then you can buy and use them under full protection. These chemical solutions include Chlorine Bleach and Color-Safe Bleach, Color Remover, Dry-Cleaning Fluid, Petroleum-Base Pretreatment Solvent, Mild Dishwashing Detergent, Non-Sudsing Household Ammonia, Paint Remover, etc. These chemicals are strong enough to melt your skin and muscles, so be extra cautious.

Professional help

You must get professional help if your do-it-yourself efforts and chemicals don’t work. There are some nasty stains that, despite your diligent washing and removal activities, may not be completely removed. This thus necessitates professional assistance. So, search around your place for top-notch home cleaning professionals.

Invest in washable paints

Long live the saying “Prevention is better than Cure” because it not only saves our health and cost but also prevents us from making wall stains. For this, you can choose washable paints. These washable paints are smooth on the touch but offer toughness and durability. They also offer great washability, which helps you wash and wipe the walls and hence get the stain away.

How to Clean Washable Paint?

  1. Start by using a duster and soft brush to remove any cobwebs and other debris. This prevents any trash from washing into the walls.
  2. Grab a soft cloth or sponge and some warm, soapy water.
  3. After dipping the sponge in the water, wring out the majority of the liquid to leave a moist sponge.
  4. After five minutes, wipe over the parts that still require cleaning.
  5. Any marks are softer as a result. Repeat the procedure later using clean water.

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