5 Simple Wall Paint Designs For Your Home

5 Simple Wall Paint Designs For Your Home

Wall painting designs are used to color, brighten, and add creative visuals to adorn the walls of
homes. Experimenting with a new wall paint design will surely be an exciting task for you as it
will break the monotony of having way-too-simple-looking walls. Various wall paint design ideas
and ways are available to spruce up your home.
With this blog, we intend to dive into 5 simple wall paint designs for your home.

Let’s get started!!

Colour Blocking

Color blocking is one awesome method to make a room look simple but stylish. This creative
and simple wall painting design allows you to make minimal use of heavy furniture, decor, or
wall art. Simple color blocking can be done perfectly with subtle pastel tones and bright colors
with bare white. Color blocking can be Geometric, Vertical, Stripes, and Distorted/Blurred

Stencils and Paints

A stencil is a design cut out of a piece of paper, plastic, or metal. You place the stencil on a flat
surface and paint through the holes, leaving a design on the surface. Stencils can give your dull
wall a modernistic look while adding sophistication. Creepers, Imperial Crest, Folk Floral, Rising
Waves, Polka Dots, Foliage, Rich Tapestry, Fern, Moon, etc., are some options on stencils.
Further, you can experiment with contrasting stencils, two-toned stencils, same color stencils,

Watercolour Design

A splash of watercolors on walls brings nostalgic childhood memories and experiences. This
simple wall paint design idea is great for living rooms. In fact, you can mix and match your
favorite colors and turn that into your wall art. The watercolor wall paint designs are versatile but
always keep in mind to ensure the rest of your room and decor are balanced with this effect.

Unfinished Paint

Unfinished wall painting design ideas can be funky, unique, and edgy and serve as the latest
trends in most wall paints in Nepal. In this kind of paint, your wall is painted with a rugged,
distressed finish leaving the other half unpainted. The unfinished wall look depends on your
choice of paints- Raw and Rustic or Bright and Vivid.

Grunge in Shades

Grunge wall paint designs are inspired by the grunge era of music and art, signifying dusty,
rugged, raw looks. These grunge wall paint designs include dull and pastels. You can also go for
grunge textured walls to hide imperfections on your walls.

In color grunge, watercolors, pastels, and brick red are used, while in distressed grunge, greys,
yellows, and blacks are prominent. Along the way, concrete grunge and metallic grunge are also

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