5 Red Wall Paint Colors to Consider for Your Home

5 Red Wall Paint Colors to Consider for Your Home

Red is a vibrant and energizing hue. The color red on the walls may be frightening and challenging to work with. However, if you like greater drama, you may include red in your decor. And by using this vibrant hue on the walls of your living room, you quickly give your home a rich makeover. As a result, while utilizing the color red, you must be very careful with your design plan. With this blog, we discuss the 5 attractive shades of red which you can experiment with.

True Pure red 

True red is a traditional red with a vibrant and fresh feel about it. By painting your house walls in traditional red color, you may provide a beautiful backdrop for all of your furnishings, upholstery, and accessories. It’s saturated and rich, yet it’s also bright and cheerful. It works in both traditional and contemporary contexts. I like putting it on anything from your front door to wainscoting to a whole room.


The red shade was inspired by the ripe tomato used in the La Tomatina festival. It also has a punch of orange. The Tomatina color has a balanced vibe—it’s not too bright, glossing, or matte. For a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere, paint your home’s walls tomato red. In fact, it may serve as your favorite place to shoot photos at home. If you have wooden furniture and flooring, the tomato red color is ideal for your home’s walls.


Some people want to keep things deeper and darker. Deep red tones are ideal for them. Yes, even red has darker hues – consider ruby, garnet, and mahogany. Deep reds may transform any indoor setting into a beautiful one without doing anything. Passionate, rich wine-inspired shade provides a refreshing backdrop for neutral furnishings and nature-inspired accessories. Pair this strong dark color with vibrant colors like classic blue or verdant green for a more striking effect.


Coral reds are ideal if you don’t want to opt for a bright red. In actuality, the Coraline hue gives the walls a gentle glow for a more subtle appearance. The pink undertones in this crimson color make the walls appear more attractive. Furthermore, you may mix the coral red walls with black detailing’s or a softer appearance with a white ceiling and flooring.

Luxe Red

Luxurious reds feature opulent overtones of maroon or purple. Luxe reds have a refined atmosphere while also providing your property a contemporary and expensive appearance. To wow your guests, paint your home with deep-toned reds that tend closer toward pink or purple. Pairing up this shade with an antique mirror, rock crystal chandelier, and gilded furniture will give your home Haveli-like royal and luxurious vibes.


There are a plethora of red wall color paints that you may experiment with for fun or bold look. As previously discussed, you may choose between gentler and stronger red tones. You must always be mindful of the accessories so that the room or space and red color don’t look too much.

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