5 Colors to Attract Good luck and positivity in 2022

5 Colors to Attract Good luck and positivity in 2022

In 2022, the best thing you can do with your house besides living in it is to use the best paints, make a functional setting, and arrange Feng Shui accessories to attract good luck and positivity. Painting walls with the right colors can help bring positivity in personal as well as professional space. So, to help you select the lucky and positive colors for 2022, we have come up with this blog.

Here, we have 5 colors that can help you attract good luck and positivity in 2022.

Calm and Positive Vibes with Shades of Blue

Blue represents trust, faith, loyalty, and confidence. Blue is also cooling in nature and helps with balance. In fact, blue color is also on the Nepalese Flag symbolizing Nepali society as harmonious and peace-loving. Putting blue on your walls can bring optimistic thoughts about the future. If you want to bring inspiration, imagination, wisdom, peace, good health, trust, and long life, then blue is your color for 2022.

Crimson Red

The color of fire, passion, danger, and victory is THE RED color. Red inspires courage and willpower. In fact, a shade of red, crimson red in the Nepali flag indicates the bravery of the Nepali people. Red is the most used color in marketing and advertising. For your clothes or wall paints, there are unlimited shades of Red to choose from. Red paint brings a warm atmosphere to your home. Moreover, if you want to attract luck, especially with work and positions of power, then Red is the color you should invest in.

Peachy White

White represents simplicity, freshness, spirituality, protection. White is available in various shades. One of the shades, peachy white, is a must-have in 2022. Bringing the spirit of Spring, peachy white gives a simple yet modern look. When you paint your rooms and walls with a peachy white color, your home will instantly have relaxed vibes. Peach white, in fact, helps you fall in love, brings the subtle feel of romance, and improves your love life indirectly.

Warm and Bright Green

 Shades of greens have been an all-time favorite as green reflects nature. Be it sage, washed-out, dark, mint, or pastel, all shades of green are always refreshing and inspiring. According to color psychology, green is a color that helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Moreover, green is thought to bring about luck along with healing properties. So, paint your walls green and attract good luck and prosperity in 2022.

Yellow and the Gold

Yellow is associated with sunshine, happiness, warmth, and cheerfulness. Moreover, it can lift the wearer’s spirits and get a clear head and a cheerful mood. Gold also has a yellow essence. The gold color also represents a richness of experience, wisdom, as well as love, and support from friends and family. You may also attract knowledge, power, success, and riches by Royal Gold shade.

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