5 Best Exterior Color Combinations for Modern Homes

5 Best Exterior Color Combinations for Modern Homes

The color of your exterior walls must complement the architectural design of your home. Furthermore, the ideal colors for the home’s exterior should reflect the homeowner’s taste and make the home warm and friendly. Furthermore, the ideal exterior house paints attract attention. Rather than sticking with the old idea, try something new, such as exterior color combinations that include two or more hues. Why be basic when you can explore and make your home look stunning?

Let’s look into some color combination ideas for the exterior walls.

Go for a Neutral Renewal

Neutrals are a timeless choice for those who prefer to keep things simple. Neutral colors can be fantastic options for exterior house painting color combinations. You can combine neutral hues with dark colors for the roof and embellishments. This exterior paint color combination is the ideal backdrop for sophisticated outdoor decor ideas.

Playful Pink

Pink, with any other color, is the greatest choice in the list of awesome exterior color combinations. Pink home paint colors aren’t just for interiors or girls’ rooms. You can choose your theme and the correct tones of pink to make the look aesthetic. Choose rich pink with grey doors and roofs for a bolder look or light tones with off-white elements for a softer look.

The Magic of Brown

Brown is a sophisticated color that offers elegance and a warm feel to the house. Moreover, brown, white and grey colors team up a harmonious color combination for the home outside. You can also add an ash color combination to the color palette for house exteriors.

But be cautious of overdoing browns on your home’s exterior. Never forget to consider the elements like siding, windows, doors, trims, railings, shutters, etc., to make the combination get the proper justice.

Bold Move for the Statement Look

It takes a lot of guts to be bold, and if you want to show the world that you are different and courageous, you might choose bold home exterior paint colors. However, you may end up making your home look like a person with really loud makeup, which can be overwhelming most of the time. So, be cautious when combining bold colors. For example, you can combine daring red with muted grey or black.

Yellow Tropical Punch

Yellow is a primary color that best suits and portrays tropical vibes. Yellow complements almost every other color. If you choose shades of yellow as your exterior house color, then shades like deep-brown siding, roofing, and detailing should be your pick. Another combination can be pairing the yellow exterior paint with a shade of tangerine or turquoise.

Nepal is certainly a place where people love colors, be it in their festivals or in the act of painting homes. In fact, Nepalese believe that exterior paints are not just for colors; they should also offer strong protection. In this context, you can choose paints like Excel Mica Marble range from KNP Nerolac- The Best Paint in Nepal.

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d. It provides coverage of 9.29 – 11.15 sq.Mt/ltr/coat when applied on normal masonry surface by brush.

e. The drying time (for the surface) is 30 min.