4 Variants of Exterior Paints of KNP

4 Variants of Exterior Paints of KNP

A decent exterior paint transforms your home’s appearance while also protecting it from the elements, animals, mold, rot, and dampness. It also keeps out unwelcomed organisms and conditions. The exterior paint can also protect your home from the effects of the sun and wind.

Good exterior paint has low VOCs and offers weather resistance, long-lastingness for color, climate, and surface suitability.
Finding the Best Exterior Paint in Nepal can be quite an exercise. For that, KNP Paints can be your stop. As a leading paint brand in Nepal, KNP offers high-quality emulsions, primers, enamels, distemper, wall putty, low VOC interior, and exterior paints. In this blog, we discuss the KNP’s 4 variants of exterior paints.

KNP Excel All in One 

As the name suggests, The Total All in One paints has fantastic features that ensure your walls’ good looks and longevity. Its Unique Siloxane power gives excellent abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance. Also, it offers low VOCs, excellent Water Repellency, and resistance to Algae Growth. Hence, your exterior paints are going to be safe and durable. In addition, the Heat Guard Technology crafted on this keeps home up to 5° Celsius of temperature. You can find the best gloss and strong Adhesion to Masonry Substrates in All in One Paint.

KNP Excel Mica Marble

Mica Marble is a water-based, UV-resistant outdoor paint that claims to protect masonry surfaces. The addition of marble improves the water repellency of the film. It has improved barrier protection, inter-coat adhesion, and hardness.

KNP Excel Anti- Peel Formula

When there is a loss of adhesion between the paint and the surface, the paint starts peeling off. Several factors can cause this loss of adhesion. When a painted surface is exposed to a lot of water, high humidity, temperatures, intense sunlight, and applying different types of paint on the same surface, it causes paint peeling.

KNP Excel Anti Peel Formula is resistant to Peeling and offers excellent adhesion. This variant provides high dirt and algae Growth resistance along with an offer to keep the home cooler up to 5° C.

KNP Suraksha Plus 

Suraksha Plus, an acrylic emulsion exterior paint from KNP, provides superior Outdoor Durability, Mild gloss, and dry film thickness to your outside walls. It’s a high-end exterior paint that’s 100 percent effective in protecting stone surfaces from the elements. Surakshya Paint also comes with a water-thinnable covering that can be used on dry or moderately humid walls.

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